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This Year’s Triumphs

personal triumph 000004895509XSmall This Year’s Triumphs

It has been a busy year. It is my hope that I have not been busy just for busyness sake. I have put many things in place this year that I am hoping will yield real profits and free me up to live a more virtual lifestyle. Here are a few things that I have put into place this year:

1)      This Blog.

First and most obvious is this Niche Marketing blog. I got the idea for this blog when I decided to write a book on Niche Marketing techniques that really work. I realized when searching what books were available for sale that the term, “Niche Marketing” had become synonymous with internet affiliate marketing and not as it is actually defined, roughly, “focused Advertising or Marketing to a specific group of prospects”. This is where I come up with the title, “Niche Marketing for Real Businesses” as opposed to online hacks peddling anything that pays a commission. So I went to work writing a book like no other. The content would be a terse collaboration of techniques that work without all the fluff and psychology needed to fill a book on one technique. I would take only the best aspects of the most effective avenues of niche marketing to offer the best of the best accompanied by real proof of their effectiveness. It was a bold ideal but, as I was finishing my third chapter I was informed that non-fiction publishers do not want finished books. They only want a pitched idea and a few sample chapters. So, from that perspective I was done in the first week. Yet, I was overflowing with this information and I needed an outlet. From this sprang “Niche Marketing for Real Businesses”, the blog. Now I have a catch all for my overflow of inspiration and desire to write. I hope you are enjoying it.

2)      Writing and submitting articles.

In writing this blog I realized how much I enjoy writing and because of your kind comments I realized that I’m not horrible at it. As a result, when offered an opportunity to write an article for i.Business I jumped on it. i.Business is an up and coming magazine that focuses on businesses that use Macs and other Apple products for their day-to-day functions. It has already achieved a good measure of readership as a top seller on izine.com and being that it is available in Barnes & Noble’s. So, I submitted my article on App developing for anyone without experience and it will appear in the magazines next issue with a nice bio advertising my consulting and app development services. Included in the bio are this blog address and the url for my app development website: www.celebrityappdesigns.com. I have also spun article into an idea and sample chapters for another book.

3)      App Development.

In addition to my writing efforts I also diversified my income by learning to develop apps for the iPhone. Not only do currently have about five $.99-1.99 apps available on iTunes but I also began a business creating apps for businesses and celebrities with an online presence. As a result of my niche marketing techniques in action I am going to be highlighted in a newsletter of a client (PostcardMania) with a very large subscriber base of marketing-minded businesses and also be featured in a podcast interview with another client (Virtual Business Lifestyle) whose listeners are internet savvy online blogging types with iPhones or iPods. These are my perfect niche prospects. The newsletter is sent out on December 29th and the podcast will be sometime in January. I will be sharing the niche marketing techniques that I used in a post in the upcoming year.

So all in all it has been a good year! I foresee a very profitable 2011. Honestly, we have no idea what tomorrow will bring but, all we can do is have a purpose, be flexible, stay balanced and keep our eyes open to new opportunities. It is my hope that you are truly benefitting from this blog. Please comment and I’ll talk to you next year.

Jesse Lee

Marketer, Blogger, Writer, App Developer… Virtual entrepenuer?

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