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How to Use Facebook to Market your Business – Part Two

facebook logo 300x112 How to Use Facebook to Market your Business   Part Two

If you stumbled onto this post without reading part one and you do not already have a facebook page for your business then you may want to read “How to Use Facebook to Market your Business Part One” first. If you have a business facebook page and want some tips on how to use it to drive traffic and interest to your business then you came to the right place. In this post I will show you how I personally am using a facebook page to drive interest and profit to my products.

The Problem

I am actually using my page as a solution to a problem that I was having with my products. The facebook page is: Mobile App Showcase. I recently started developing apps for the apple iPhone (www.celebrityappdesigns.com). The major problem was that the apps that sell are the ones with good reviews. These reviews are hard to come by because even when a person loves your app they seldom take the slight time and effort to give it a good review. The ones that will review you app are the minority that absolutely despised it for some reason. Perhaps they didn’t read the description of the app and they were expecting something else or like most app buyers they have unrealistic expectations of what an app should be able to do despite the limitations of a mobile device. One review I saw trashed one of the best apps I have seen because they didn’t like the background music even though the content of the app was exactly what he was looking for.

The Solution

This review system has given the few unsatisfied buyers the loudest voice. As a result I decided the ideal solution would be a group of like-minded developers that could honestly evaluate another peer-developers app and give it an appropriate review based on a broader understanding of the limitations and challenges that the iPhone has. My original idea was for a facebook-like website designed for developers, which is in the works (If you steal my idea I have this dated post as proof that it was my idea first, not that my honest and loyal readers would ever do that). But in order to get this idea up and running I launched the Mobile App Showcase facebook page. Using the techniques discussed in my post, “How to use linkedin to Market your business” as well as “How to use Twitter to Market your business”, I was able to start driving traffic to the facebook page. Let me tell you, the members who are quickly rallying to this cause are loving it! This is Cult/Brand Building at its best.

The Effect

Not only did the good reviews of the members cause my app sales to double but, many of international members that are not able to use the free promo codes (Apple restricts these to the US itunes app store only) they went ahead and bought my app just so that they could give it a good review.

So in summary my facebook has not only helped me to sell more apps now but it is also allowing me to gather a community of contacts that will loyally support my future website launch as well as other future related projects.

Warning: Facebook will regularly encourage you to use facebook ads to market your page. I have found these to be expensive, on average $1.40 for each click to your page and not yielding any new members. So, I have shied away from using these. My apps only cost $.99-$1.99 each. If you have a product or service that is yielding $1000’s in profit than perhaps every new member is worth the expense. The ROI just isn’t there for my products.

Hope this example will give you some ideas and feel free to join my Mobile App Showcase facebook page especially if you want free apps in exchage for an honest and good review.

Great Tool: Here is a link to a great tool for branding your Facebook status updates. It works for Twitter as well. I wrote more about it in my post: “How to use Twitter to Market your Business”. The tool is MarketMe Suite.

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