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How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business

2010 11 17 165340 How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business

I doubt that anybody is going to shout “Eureka” after reading this post but you will find an interesting site that allows you to make customized bumper sticker magnets.

Let me start at the beginning. I went to the 2010 Bug Jam in the local town of  Dade City on Sunday. Recently I purchased a 1974 Volkswagen Thing. This was the original 4 door Jeep. I have wanted on e of these since childhood. While at the show I saw a bumber sticker that said “CHILIN” writen in the style of restaurant logo for Chilis (my favorite). It was very cool. I went home and searched the internet for it. The guy who owned the Yellow VW Thing that the sticker was on  told me he bought it in Puerto Rico and has never seen one since.  So, I went home and scoured the internet looking for one just like it. Would you believe that in this technology era I could not find the decal anywhere. There is a marketing lesson there but, I will save it for another post.  I would not let this deter me from getting my bumper sticker so I googled “create your own Bumper sticker”. The first organic site was makestickers.com:

2010 11 17 1638312 How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business

makestickers.com in google

The site Makestickers.com allows you to make your own custom bumper sticker magnets by uploading your own image file or using one of there templates. You can use this site to create your own company stickers as a means to market your business or get your message out. I used it to make my desired “Chilin’ Chilis decal (and as a magnet which is way cooler). ! magnet cost less that $5 and includes free USPS shipping. Not a bad deal and easy to do especially if you know any kind of design software i.e. Photoshop. If not, the templates makes it easy or you can have a starving artist design & upload it for you.

Here is my logos – I made two different styles:

chilin How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business

chilin' Simple Green

chilin red pepper How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business

chilin red pepper

You will have to comment and tell me which one you like better.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

Jesse Lee


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22 Responses to “How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business”

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