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How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

linkedin logo1 300x84 How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

Linkedin is a social network site that I often ignored because at one time I only used social networking socially. But when I ramped up my social network marketing i realized Linkedin was one of the best avenues. Why? Because the contacts that you make on linkedin are there because they want to network for business. They are asking for and wanting business solutions and advice. It is a great place to find niche prospects.

The big perk for Linkedin is that you can join groups. Each group is a preexisting club of people that are all interested in a specific subject. And what is great is that most people that are members of that group receive daily emails with updates and comments related to that group. The purpose of this post will be to show you how to harness this group feature to drive prospects to whatever you want them to see and/or send them direct messages to their email without having their email address.

Here is how you do it:

Join as many groups related to your niche as possible, particularly the groups that have the most members. Some groups will have 1,000′s – 10,000′s or more members. You can do this by selecting groups in the search bar at the right top of the Linkedin website and typing your niche into it (i.e. “marketing”.  There is an image of this search bar below:

2010 11 09 105954 How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

Linked in Search bar. Select Groups then type in your niche.

As your typing you will notice groups will start to show themselves in the search bar. For example, today I joined App Developer groups for my App making business DT Designs. Here is what it looked like as  I was searching:

linkedin search How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

Now select and join the ones with the most members. Some of the groups you will be automatically approved for but others have be approved by the group’s creator. This could take anywhere from minutes to days. Once you have been approved by a group or groups, you can now send the other members a link or message for whatever you want.

Sending Links and Messages to Groups:

To send a link or message go to your Linkedin home page and type a message in the “share a comment” box. Then in the same box but below your message you can Attach a link. Then click “share”. This will post the message and link to your Network Activity (sort of like a status update on facebook). This will have limited success especially if you are new to Linkedin. Here is where we capitalize on the groups direct messaging feature. In the same message/comment that you just shared/posted you will have the option to share it… again. Under the posted comment, if you attached a link, is 3 additional options “Like .  comment .  share”. As you can see in the below picture:

2010 11 09 113146 How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

Options are at the bottom

Click the “share” option and this will allow you to share the link with a personalized message to individuals and groups in your network. As seen here:

2010 11 09 113720 How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

Share box

Toggle or Check the “Post to groups” option so that you can begin typing the names of the groups that you have already joined. It’s hard to remember the names of some groups so I would keep a list in Notepad or Word.  Type as many as Linkedin will allow for one message. There is a daily limit but it seems to grow with time. Then click the blue share button and you have just blasted a message and link to all the other individual members of your groups. This is the equivalent of email marketing 1,000′s to 10,000′s of very niche prospects without ever having received or purchased their emails.

I hope this post adds to your niche marketing success. Please feel free to comment and/or use this content for your own media outlets. I would love for you to link back to this site. And of course, subscribe to the feed and/or email list if you would like.

Jesse Lee


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