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How to use Twitter to Market your Business – Part 2

twitter follow me How to use Twitter to Market your Business   Part 2

In Part 1 of this post I discussed the benefits of branding your tweets with a software called MarketMeSuite so that a link to your website is on every tweet. (P.S the software does it for facebook status updates as well). In this post  I would like to discuss building your Twitter following so that you have traffic to drive. It’s possible that I put the cart before the horse in the sequence that I wrote these. My bad.

Until recently I didn’t fully appreciate the value of Twitter or really any social media in building your business. I stuck to more conventional niche methods such as e-mailings and postcard marketing.  But the more I shifted to less expensive or FREE marketing methods the more I saw the value in social networking.  Plus, I actually learned how to do it.

So here is how and why you should build a following on Twitter in an effort to boost your business.

Why use Twitter to build and market your business?

Twitter is a free way to place your business website or Blog in front of a lot of people that would never know anything about you otherwise. When you gather the right niche prospects as a following you will be introducing your business to people who should know about it. Plus, with the right tools building a Twitter following is fast and easy.

How to build a big niche following on Twitter?

Here is how I am building a following of niche prospects using Twitter. First, I do not have all day to search and follow every possible prospect that would be interested in my business… Also, I do not want to follow or have follow me a bunch of people who could care less about Niche Marketing. This is the solution that I have found for building the right niche prospect base of twitter followers:

I purchased for I think $55 a software called TweetAdder. With this program I am able to automatically follow people- up to 200 a day – based on few different factors. The setting that I use is in adding is “all the followers of “.  By using this feature I know that the people that I am going to follow are people that most likely have an interest in my business or field. There are also ways to follow people based on keywords in there profile descriptions, etc… TweetAdder will do it automatically up to 200 people in a 24 hour period. It can also be used to un follow those that don’t follow you or auto reply with a pre-saved message that you can customize to say, “Hi. Thanks for following me. I look forward to your tweets. This is who I am or This is my website if you like this sort of thing: www.YOURWEBSITE.com”. This is great for driving traffic to your site. My traffic immediately went up 4000% (40 times the traffic) when I began using TweetAdder this way.

“Why would I follow if I want to be building FOLLOWERS?!”

You follow others because as a result the ones you follow almost always follow you back and there friends or people following them tend to follow you as well. I’ve found the ratio of people that I follow to the amount that follow me back is anywhere from 75-115%. This is the way to add followers quickly. TweetAdder makes it so your not doing it manually for hours. It is worth the money!

Here is why it pays to be reading my blog. I was able to find a code that gives you 20% off when you check out which brought my total down to only $44. Here is the code: TWDISC If this doesn’t work try: imcashsaver1.

If your serious about building your business Twitter is an excellent and free means of doing it and TweetAdder will make it time-feasible.

Hope you enjoy this info and please feel free to comment.

Jesse Lee


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