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25 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

How to use Postcard Mailings to Market your Niche Business

poop 01 300x176 How to use Postcard Mailings to Market your Niche Business

Hello, Niche Marketers. One of the best forms of Niche Marketing that works consistantly for all my clients is Postcard Marketing. Below is a Guest post from postcard maniac Joy Gendusa Marketing Blogger & CEO of Postcardmania.

Enter Joy:

How to Use Postcards to Market your Niche Business

In niche marketing, you define a narrow segment of the population and tailor a marketing campaign specifically to that population. Think about it this way: would you rather spend $10,000 to market a baby bottle to everyone in your city, or $2,000 to market it only to new mothers in your city?

That second situation is niche marketing. If your business is in a niche market (like baby products), you need to carefully target your potential market. In fact, even if you aren’t an obvious niche business, you can still use niche marketing principles to get more bang for your marketing buck.

Postcards are absolutely ideal for niche marketing because you are able to get such specific mailing lists. For example, you could get a list of single mothers within a 3-mile radius of your business, or 55-75 year-olds with an annual income of less than $30,000. There are so many ways to target your niche market!

4 Steps to Using Postcards to Market Your Niche Business:

Define Your Niche

Figure out who your best customers are, or who needs your product or service most. Go through past sales records and survey potential customers. Then tally the responses. If you don’t think your business is a niche business — look at every angle. Almost every business has a niche they can promote to.

Get The List

Is your niche market 30-50 year-olds in the Chicago area? How about Hispanic men who drive cars valued at $50,000 or higher? Whatever it may be, you can most likely find a mailing list for it. There are all kinds of vendors who sell lists, but you need to be careful — most of them are less than reputable. I offer lists through my company. In fact, you can get them through most postcard marketing companies. Read  this article to learn the questions you should ask and the answers you should get before purchasing a list.

Design Your Card

Ten essential elements go into an effective postcard design. You can read about them  here. But for the purpose of niche marketing, your selling point needs to communicate specifically to that niche and their needs. You only have a fraction of a second to get their interest.

Mail Consistently

Hit your list at least once a month. Start with a six-month campaign, mailing once a month. After that, analyze the results and make necessary tweaks to get an even better response next time.

And that’s how you target a niche audience with postcards! It sounds simple because it is simple. Too many business owners don’t take advantage of this medium, but it is a consistent way to produce new customers — and it’s cost effective. On top of that, mention this blog post, and I’ll give you $25 off your first postcard order through PostcardMania! So get to it!

Re-enter Jesse:

I hope you liked that guest post. I highly recommend Postcardmania for your business mailings. If you liked this post let me know in the comment section.

Happy Marketing!

28 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

How to Brand your business and build an Apple-like Cult Following

apple cult image How to Brand your business and build an Apple like Cult Following

This is an excerpt from an article that I recently wrote for i.Business Magazine:

Apple’s Cult Secrets and How to use them in your business.

What is it that attracts us to Apple products? Why do we drive with Apple logo stickers on our cars? What is it that makes us want to punch the guy in the face that claims that HPs are just as good as Macs? Basically, it is because we have joined a cult. I don’t mean the kind of cult that wear sneakers and drinks Kool-Aid under a full moon. What I mean by cult is a group of people that love and follow a product, company, ideal and/or person. I intend to share with you the secrets of Apple’s cult marketing. Armed with these secrets you can then market your business like the Apple products that keep it running.

I have to tell you, I used to buy what is the cheapest way to get the job done. Then I got my iPhone. It was a first Generation. It cost me at least $600. Can you imagine? My last cell phone was the free one that came with the phone plan yet, something attracting me to the iPhone. Obviously it was the advertising. I was a young professional who was doing well financially (exactly who they were targeting by the way). I felt that I deserved it. That started me down the road of being an Apple junkie. When the new iPhone 3GS came out I found an excuse to buy it and kindly donated my fully-functional, previous iPhone to my wife. I know what a great guy, right? About a year later, when the iPad came out and my wife saw me salivating over it, even though I really didn’t need it, she went out and bought it for me. When I found out I kissed her squarely on the mouth. And don’t think it was just because she was my wife. In my excitement I almost certainly would have kissed anyone who gave it to me. Also, After owning my HP laptop for only about a year I discovered an excuse to by a new MacBook. The Point: I LOVE MY APPLE TOYS! Apple makes an excellent product and they are the King of Cult Brands. Be the Apple.

But, what if I don’t manufacture a product? What if I’m a distributor, reseller or a broker?  I can’t control how people feel about the products I sell. That is true BUT, you can cult your business. And here is how you do it like Apple:

1)      Find and embrace your Market:

Many who read this article are in a niche market.  That is perfect! Find out who is buying and loving the products you sell and focus your advertising on them.  This way you tap directly into the people who would have a strong inclination to buy your product. Apple has done this by focusing in on trendy College kids as well as other hip, young demographics rather than the typical “I am a PC”… PC’s fit everyone and every business campaigns. Of course, since many of us that are not so hip and young still like to think we are. We are attracted to Apples trendy advertising as well.

The key here is to be open to any customer base that is purchasing your products even when they are not what you would consider to be your typical customer. Embrace them! This is especially important when that type of customer is easy to please.  They may not replace you current customer base but, they will certainly accent it and probably give you a higher return on you advertising dollar.

2)      What do your niche customers want:

Think about what your customers want from a company who would supply them their products. Whether you have been in your business for a while or are just starting out you need get down to basics. What is important to your current customer base? What do they like about buying from your company? What don’t they like? You might have to ask them, or maybe they have been telling you and you haven’t been listening.

Apple with Steve Jobs has been excellent in this lately. They have created iTunes, an exceptionally easy way to download music that you may be able to get elsewhere on the internet for free. They have created the iPod, a high quality and consistent way to listen to your downloaded music. iPhones, iPads, new Macs and MacBooks are all examples of products that Apple has created to solve our problems and to do it well at that. These products have revolutionized the way we do things. Who has a Walkman anymore? So, attune your ear your customer’s cries for help and be their hero by coming up with a solution.

3)      Define your Company:

Now, decide what makes you the hero your customers have been looking for. Hopefully it is more than just price. Price is an easy thing to beat. And being known for being the cheapest is asking for a cliental that will most likely be a pain in the neck to deal with for very little profit.  You will want to choose something that defines your company or product that is important to your prospect base other than price. Examples of this would be: Ease of ordering (i.e. 24/7 Online), Free Shipping, Higher quality products or customer service, larger selection or in-stock inventory, Better Warranty, etc.

4)      Sell it!:

Now that you have decided what it is that makes your company the one that will fight for your customer’s honor. Sell it! Remind them and any would-be customers what you are going to do for them. No one cares any more if you’re the biggest or the oldest or even of your products are made in America. That is so 20th century. We are in the new millennium and times are tough. I want to know that if I buy, you have got my back. And since I’m forgetful and self-conscious, I need to be reminded often.  So, when you build your sales campaigns make your super powers known. Turn them into your slogan. Make them prominent in your marketing campaigns. Have your receptionist highlight them when she answers the phone. An example of how Apple has done this is in the Mac versus PC commercials. The quick young buck versus the geeky guy.

These are the secrets of Apple’s success. Be the Apple of your industry and like Apple you will be able to charge what you want and still have a cult-like following of believers.

I hope that you enjoyed the read and please feel free to comment on anything at all,

Jesse Lee

06 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

How to be the #1 search result on Linkedin?

number1 How to be the #1 search result on Linkedin?

The purpose of today’s post is to show you how you can get your company, brand or self to be the number 1 search result when someone searches for an important keyword that represents your business.

Here is how you do it:

First you will need to choose a keyword that best represents what a potential customer might search when looking for your services, e.g. “web designer” or “Tampa car sales”. The more niche your service or the more niche the search the easier it will be to reach the top of the results. So you will want to focus on a niche keyword that may include the major geographical area that you are servicing as in the “Tampa Car Sales” example. If you are a web designer that primarily services the St. Paul, MN market than you will want to focus on the keyword phrase: “St. Paul Web designer”.  If you are an ad writer for companies like UPS in Atlanta and you are looking for new business or if you are trying to get UPS in Atlanta as a customer, you will likely choose the keyword phrase: “Atlanta commercial ad writer”. Once you have decided on the perfect niche keyword phrase for your Business, Brand, or Persona then the key is to have that exact keyword phrase in every aspect of your profile. You will want to include the phrase in your current work experience and all of your past work experiences.  You will also want to put it into your Summary of Work experiences and Goals as well as your Specialties section within your Linkedin Profile.

If you put that well thought out keyword phrase into every possible area of your Linkedin profile than after a few minutes you should be able to type the keyword phrase into the search area and your profile should be the first result that comes up. Give it a try and please comment on this post if it worked for you.  Include the “Keyword phrase” and your name so that I can see how well it worked for you. If you run into a problem then post that too. I will try to help you figure it out.

Hope you enjoyed the Post. Don’t forget to comment.

Jesse Lee

#1 result on Linkedin for “niche marketing”.

2011 01 06 145225 How to be the #1 search result on Linkedin?

22 December 2010 ~ 1 Comment

This Year’s Triumphs

personal triumph 000004895509XSmall This Year’s Triumphs

It has been a busy year. It is my hope that I have not been busy just for busyness sake. I have put many things in place this year that I am hoping will yield real profits and free me up to live a more virtual lifestyle. Here are a few things that I have put into place this year:

1)      This Blog.

First and most obvious is this Niche Marketing blog. I got the idea for this blog when I decided to write a book on Niche Marketing techniques that really work. I realized when searching what books were available for sale that the term, “Niche Marketing” had become synonymous with internet affiliate marketing and not as it is actually defined, roughly, “focused Advertising or Marketing to a specific group of prospects”. This is where I come up with the title, “Niche Marketing for Real Businesses” as opposed to online hacks peddling anything that pays a commission. So I went to work writing a book like no other. The content would be a terse collaboration of techniques that work without all the fluff and psychology needed to fill a book on one technique. I would take only the best aspects of the most effective avenues of niche marketing to offer the best of the best accompanied by real proof of their effectiveness. It was a bold ideal but, as I was finishing my third chapter I was informed that non-fiction publishers do not want finished books. They only want a pitched idea and a few sample chapters. So, from that perspective I was done in the first week. Yet, I was overflowing with this information and I needed an outlet. From this sprang “Niche Marketing for Real Businesses”, the blog. Now I have a catch all for my overflow of inspiration and desire to write. I hope you are enjoying it.

2)      Writing and submitting articles.

In writing this blog I realized how much I enjoy writing and because of your kind comments I realized that I’m not horrible at it. As a result, when offered an opportunity to write an article for i.Business I jumped on it. i.Business is an up and coming magazine that focuses on businesses that use Macs and other Apple products for their day-to-day functions. It has already achieved a good measure of readership as a top seller on izine.com and being that it is available in Barnes & Noble’s. So, I submitted my article on App developing for anyone without experience and it will appear in the magazines next issue with a nice bio advertising my consulting and app development services. Included in the bio are this blog address and the url for my app development website: www.celebrityappdesigns.com. I have also spun article into an idea and sample chapters for another book.

3)      App Development.

In addition to my writing efforts I also diversified my income by learning to develop apps for the iPhone. Not only do currently have about five $.99-1.99 apps available on iTunes but I also began a business creating apps for businesses and celebrities with an online presence. As a result of my niche marketing techniques in action I am going to be highlighted in a newsletter of a client (PostcardMania) with a very large subscriber base of marketing-minded businesses and also be featured in a podcast interview with another client (Virtual Business Lifestyle) whose listeners are internet savvy online blogging types with iPhones or iPods. These are my perfect niche prospects. The newsletter is sent out on December 29th and the podcast will be sometime in January. I will be sharing the niche marketing techniques that I used in a post in the upcoming year.

So all in all it has been a good year! I foresee a very profitable 2011. Honestly, we have no idea what tomorrow will bring but, all we can do is have a purpose, be flexible, stay balanced and keep our eyes open to new opportunities. It is my hope that you are truly benefitting from this blog. Please comment and I’ll talk to you next year.

Jesse Lee

Marketer, Blogger, Writer, App Developer… Virtual entrepenuer?

16 December 2010 ~ 1 Comment

How to Create an iPhone App with NO Experience

iphone white How to Create an iPhone App with NO Experience

The following post is an article that I wrote for i.Business magazine. It is a magazine dedicated to Businesses that use Macs and other Apple products. I’m planning to turn this into a book with even greater detail. Tell me what you think.

Begin Article:

I had just gotten off the phone with my best friend. He told me that he was receiving a check for over $11 Thousand Dollars from Apple. This was for only one month’s worth of sales on his first ever iPad/iPhone app. What had he done to market his new “product”? In short, nothing! He submitted it to the Apple iTunes app store. That was it! No advertising, no networking and no cold calling. It was then that I realized that the iTunes App Store was going to be as big an opportunity for distributing products and making money as eBay. There was only one big problem. Jim was a computer software developing genius and I was not. I didn’t know the first thing about developing apps. Sure, I had ideas on the kind of apps that I would use and that I thought would sell. But, I didn’t know the first thing about how to create Apps of any kind. That is when I decided to Google, “How to create apps with NO experience”. That led me down a road to a tool and technique that would allow me to create 15 apps in the next two months. And I repeat, with absolutely and positively no computer developing experience!

My first check from Apple was not nearly as impressive as my buddy Jim’s. It was for about $200. It was for the first two apps that I had created and that were now live in the iTunes App Store. It wasn’t much but it was still better than a swift kick to the face. I wasn’t discouraged considering that I had created them in only 2 hours each and the learning curve was only slightly longer. On the other hand my friend’s app took him and two others over 3 months to create. They were not seeing the money for their efforts for almost 6 months.

In my first month I only created 3 apps.  Two of the apps were accepted immediately into the store but, the third was kicked because of trademark issues. The Apple store has set guidelines as to what constitutes an acceptable app. But they are easy to work with. It was in my second month that I got serious about creating a stream of income from my “2 hour apps”. I saw that I was making $50+ a week on a couple of $.99-1.99 apps that had only taken a few hours to make and I was getting faster. Pretty soon if it took 2 hours to make an app then I was moving slow.  And in that 2 hours, they were already submitted to the App Store. At the end of my second month I had created at least 15 apps. I had also begun a business creating apps for online celebrities. I had a system for what worked, what would be approved and how to get 5 star reviews for my “2 hour Apps”. I was testing free apps with ads against the paid apps to see which made more money. I was a full-fledged Apple App Developer. In this article I will show you exactly how I did it.

The “tool” that I referred to earlier was Appmakr.com, a website developed by PointAbout a start-up company in none other than Silicon Valley, CA. PointAbout has high profile clients such as Disney and OnStar. They have created in Appmakr a fun and well-made website that allows you to create an app that will harness the iPhones ability to access the internet. Appmakr teaches you how to find RSS feeds from websites (i.e your business blog, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook and/or Flickr account) and to aggregate them into a real, fully functional iPhone App.

One of their many useful features is AppDrop. When combined with an enterprise Apple Developer Account, it allows a business to create apps and email them to employees directly on their iPhones, without having to publish the apps on the iTunes App Store.

Appmakr’s tutorial videos are very easy to follow although if you run into a glitch you will have to submit an email to support and wait a few days for a response. However, I find that their FAQ section is becoming more encompassing.

The interface of the web site is excellent. There are easy to follow tabs that will take you the “developer” through the whole app making process. The process starts with selecting images for your icon and splash page and then moves on to choosing rss feeds to fill the content of your app. There are options for news blogs, picture galleries, html tabs (If you are familiar with that) and a messaging tab where the customer can send you direct feedback. Appmakr will display what your app looks like on an App Simulator on the right side of the page. It works very similar to an actual iPhone although some features will not display correctly unless you are testing them directly on your iPhone. The AppDrop feature allows you to email the test app to an email account that you are already accessing from your iPhone. You simply open the email; press the link that you find in the content of the message and it is a one step click to load it to your iPhone.

In order to use these features and test the app on your iPhone, or your employee’s iPhone, you will need open your own developer account with Apple. Appmakr will clearly take you through the process of setting up a developer account. The account cost’s 99 dollars and to submit the app yourself you will need a Mac computer. But, if you don’t have a Mac Appmakr will submit your app for you for only 30 dollars. You submit the request and they email you to set up a convenient time for you. I used this service for my first two apps before I went out a purchased my MacBook. The first two apps paid for the developer account and the 30 dollar service charge within the first month. If you want Appmakr to do the whole app for you then they offer that feature as well.

So if you want to build an app for your existing business or as a new enterprise click around Appmakr.com. Have fun with it. Within a few hours you will likely have an app that you can show off to your friends, make a few bucks on or use as a powerful tool for your business.

Hope that you enjoyed it and please comment.

Jesse Lee


06 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

How to Use Facebook to Market your Business – Part One

facebook logo1 How to Use Facebook to Market your Business   Part One

This post could also be entitled, “ How to use Facebook to Brand your business”.
Niche Marketing and Branding your business requires forming and/or collecting a cult-like following that loves what you have to offer. This type of branding and collecting followers truly lends itself to Facebook. This first post or Part One is an introduction to Facebook and how to set up a facebook page for your business. If you are familiar with this process or already have a facebook page for your business then you will most likely want to skip this and look for “How to Use Facebook to Market your Business Part Two”. In Part Two we will focus on the actual marketing.

Introduction to Facebook

Facebook is by far the leader in the world of social networking. In it essence facebook is a place to gather your friends, fans or followers to view your status updates and your recommended content. It allows you more freedom to Brand your Page whether it be a personal, business or community. If your business is on facebook it has great potential to be viewed frequently.

First Step

So, obviously, the first step is to sign up for a facebook page for your business. Go to www.facebook.com. Ignore the signup screen that appears for the most part and concentrate on the link at the below where you would put in your personal information. The link reads, “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business.” Once selecting this link you have two choices: 1) Community Page or 2) Official Page. If this page is for business then you will most likely want to select the second option, “Official Page”.  Select “Local business” or “Brand, product, or organization”. Type the Name for whatever it is that you are creating the page. You will need to check the box declaring that you are the official representative of the brand. Click the “Create Official Page” button.

In order to have a business page on facebook you also need a personal page. As such, the following page will ask you to put in your personal login info or put in a new email, password and birth date info. Once you complete this step you are forwarded to your brand new business facebook page! The introductory screen on your facebook page will take through the steps for uploading a logo or image for your page, sending the word out to your email contacts, writing a brief description of the purpose or mantra of your business/brand, Posting your first status update and promoting you facebook page on your website.


Now that you have built your Facebook business page, go on to “How to Use Facebook to Market your Business Part Two”. There we will discuss how this new page can drive traffic and interest to your Brand and/or Business.

Great Tool: Here is a link to a great tool for branding your Facebook status updates. It works for Twitter as well. I wrote more about it in my post: “How to use Twitter to Market your Business”. The tool is MarketMe Suite.

06 December 2010 ~ 6 Comments

How to Use Facebook to Market your Business – Part Two

facebook logo 300x112 How to Use Facebook to Market your Business   Part Two

If you stumbled onto this post without reading part one and you do not already have a facebook page for your business then you may want to read “How to Use Facebook to Market your Business Part One” first. If you have a business facebook page and want some tips on how to use it to drive traffic and interest to your business then you came to the right place. In this post I will show you how I personally am using a facebook page to drive interest and profit to my products.

The Problem

I am actually using my page as a solution to a problem that I was having with my products. The facebook page is: Mobile App Showcase. I recently started developing apps for the apple iPhone (www.celebrityappdesigns.com). The major problem was that the apps that sell are the ones with good reviews. These reviews are hard to come by because even when a person loves your app they seldom take the slight time and effort to give it a good review. The ones that will review you app are the minority that absolutely despised it for some reason. Perhaps they didn’t read the description of the app and they were expecting something else or like most app buyers they have unrealistic expectations of what an app should be able to do despite the limitations of a mobile device. One review I saw trashed one of the best apps I have seen because they didn’t like the background music even though the content of the app was exactly what he was looking for.

The Solution

This review system has given the few unsatisfied buyers the loudest voice. As a result I decided the ideal solution would be a group of like-minded developers that could honestly evaluate another peer-developers app and give it an appropriate review based on a broader understanding of the limitations and challenges that the iPhone has. My original idea was for a facebook-like website designed for developers, which is in the works (If you steal my idea I have this dated post as proof that it was my idea first, not that my honest and loyal readers would ever do that). But in order to get this idea up and running I launched the Mobile App Showcase facebook page. Using the techniques discussed in my post, “How to use linkedin to Market your business” as well as “How to use Twitter to Market your business”, I was able to start driving traffic to the facebook page. Let me tell you, the members who are quickly rallying to this cause are loving it! This is Cult/Brand Building at its best.

The Effect

Not only did the good reviews of the members cause my app sales to double but, many of international members that are not able to use the free promo codes (Apple restricts these to the US itunes app store only) they went ahead and bought my app just so that they could give it a good review.

So in summary my facebook has not only helped me to sell more apps now but it is also allowing me to gather a community of contacts that will loyally support my future website launch as well as other future related projects.

Warning: Facebook will regularly encourage you to use facebook ads to market your page. I have found these to be expensive, on average $1.40 for each click to your page and not yielding any new members. So, I have shied away from using these. My apps only cost $.99-$1.99 each. If you have a product or service that is yielding $1000’s in profit than perhaps every new member is worth the expense. The ROI just isn’t there for my products.

Hope this example will give you some ideas and feel free to join my Mobile App Showcase facebook page especially if you want free apps in exchage for an honest and good review.

Great Tool: Here is a link to a great tool for branding your Facebook status updates. It works for Twitter as well. I wrote more about it in my post: “How to use Twitter to Market your Business”. The tool is MarketMe Suite.

Thanks for reading and please comment


17 November 2010 ~ 22 Comments

How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business

2010 11 17 165340 How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business

I doubt that anybody is going to shout “Eureka” after reading this post but you will find an interesting site that allows you to make customized bumper sticker magnets.

Let me start at the beginning. I went to the 2010 Bug Jam in the local town of  Dade City on Sunday. Recently I purchased a 1974 Volkswagen Thing. This was the original 4 door Jeep. I have wanted on e of these since childhood. While at the show I saw a bumber sticker that said “CHILIN” writen in the style of restaurant logo for Chilis (my favorite). It was very cool. I went home and searched the internet for it. The guy who owned the Yellow VW Thing that the sticker was on  told me he bought it in Puerto Rico and has never seen one since.  So, I went home and scoured the internet looking for one just like it. Would you believe that in this technology era I could not find the decal anywhere. There is a marketing lesson there but, I will save it for another post.  I would not let this deter me from getting my bumper sticker so I googled “create your own Bumper sticker”. The first organic site was makestickers.com:

2010 11 17 1638312 How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business

makestickers.com in google

The site Makestickers.com allows you to make your own custom bumper sticker magnets by uploading your own image file or using one of there templates. You can use this site to create your own company stickers as a means to market your business or get your message out. I used it to make my desired “Chilin’ Chilis decal (and as a magnet which is way cooler). ! magnet cost less that $5 and includes free USPS shipping. Not a bad deal and easy to do especially if you know any kind of design software i.e. Photoshop. If not, the templates makes it easy or you can have a starving artist design & upload it for you.

Here is my logos – I made two different styles:

chilin How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business

chilin' Simple Green

chilin red pepper How to Make Bumper Sticker Magnets to Market your Business

chilin red pepper

You will have to comment and tell me which one you like better.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

Jesse Lee


09 November 2010 ~ 24 Comments

How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

linkedin logo1 300x84 How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

Linkedin is a social network site that I often ignored because at one time I only used social networking socially. But when I ramped up my social network marketing i realized Linkedin was one of the best avenues. Why? Because the contacts that you make on linkedin are there because they want to network for business. They are asking for and wanting business solutions and advice. It is a great place to find niche prospects.

The big perk for Linkedin is that you can join groups. Each group is a preexisting club of people that are all interested in a specific subject. And what is great is that most people that are members of that group receive daily emails with updates and comments related to that group. The purpose of this post will be to show you how to harness this group feature to drive prospects to whatever you want them to see and/or send them direct messages to their email without having their email address.

Here is how you do it:

Join as many groups related to your niche as possible, particularly the groups that have the most members. Some groups will have 1,000′s – 10,000′s or more members. You can do this by selecting groups in the search bar at the right top of the Linkedin website and typing your niche into it (i.e. “marketing”.  There is an image of this search bar below:

2010 11 09 105954 How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

Linked in Search bar. Select Groups then type in your niche.

As your typing you will notice groups will start to show themselves in the search bar. For example, today I joined App Developer groups for my App making business DT Designs. Here is what it looked like as  I was searching:

linkedin search How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

Now select and join the ones with the most members. Some of the groups you will be automatically approved for but others have be approved by the group’s creator. This could take anywhere from minutes to days. Once you have been approved by a group or groups, you can now send the other members a link or message for whatever you want.

Sending Links and Messages to Groups:

To send a link or message go to your Linkedin home page and type a message in the “share a comment” box. Then in the same box but below your message you can Attach a link. Then click “share”. This will post the message and link to your Network Activity (sort of like a status update on facebook). This will have limited success especially if you are new to Linkedin. Here is where we capitalize on the groups direct messaging feature. In the same message/comment that you just shared/posted you will have the option to share it… again. Under the posted comment, if you attached a link, is 3 additional options “Like .  comment .  share”. As you can see in the below picture:

2010 11 09 113146 How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

Options are at the bottom

Click the “share” option and this will allow you to share the link with a personalized message to individuals and groups in your network. As seen here:

2010 11 09 113720 How to use Linkedin to Market your Niche Business

Share box

Toggle or Check the “Post to groups” option so that you can begin typing the names of the groups that you have already joined. It’s hard to remember the names of some groups so I would keep a list in Notepad or Word.  Type as many as Linkedin will allow for one message. There is a daily limit but it seems to grow with time. Then click the blue share button and you have just blasted a message and link to all the other individual members of your groups. This is the equivalent of email marketing 1,000′s to 10,000′s of very niche prospects without ever having received or purchased their emails.

I hope this post adds to your niche marketing success. Please feel free to comment and/or use this content for your own media outlets. I would love for you to link back to this site. And of course, subscribe to the feed and/or email list if you would like.

Jesse Lee


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26 October 2010 ~ 17 Comments

How to use Twitter to Market your Business – Part 2

twitter follow me How to use Twitter to Market your Business   Part 2

In Part 1 of this post I discussed the benefits of branding your tweets with a software called MarketMeSuite so that a link to your website is on every tweet. (P.S the software does it for facebook status updates as well). In this post  I would like to discuss building your Twitter following so that you have traffic to drive. It’s possible that I put the cart before the horse in the sequence that I wrote these. My bad.

Until recently I didn’t fully appreciate the value of Twitter or really any social media in building your business. I stuck to more conventional niche methods such as e-mailings and postcard marketing.  But the more I shifted to less expensive or FREE marketing methods the more I saw the value in social networking.  Plus, I actually learned how to do it.

So here is how and why you should build a following on Twitter in an effort to boost your business.

Why use Twitter to build and market your business?

Twitter is a free way to place your business website or Blog in front of a lot of people that would never know anything about you otherwise. When you gather the right niche prospects as a following you will be introducing your business to people who should know about it. Plus, with the right tools building a Twitter following is fast and easy.

How to build a big niche following on Twitter?

Here is how I am building a following of niche prospects using Twitter. First, I do not have all day to search and follow every possible prospect that would be interested in my business… Also, I do not want to follow or have follow me a bunch of people who could care less about Niche Marketing. This is the solution that I have found for building the right niche prospect base of twitter followers:

I purchased for I think $55 a software called TweetAdder. With this program I am able to automatically follow people- up to 200 a day – based on few different factors. The setting that I use is in adding is “all the followers of “.  By using this feature I know that the people that I am going to follow are people that most likely have an interest in my business or field. There are also ways to follow people based on keywords in there profile descriptions, etc… TweetAdder will do it automatically up to 200 people in a 24 hour period. It can also be used to un follow those that don’t follow you or auto reply with a pre-saved message that you can customize to say, “Hi. Thanks for following me. I look forward to your tweets. This is who I am or This is my website if you like this sort of thing: www.YOURWEBSITE.com”. This is great for driving traffic to your site. My traffic immediately went up 4000% (40 times the traffic) when I began using TweetAdder this way.

“Why would I follow if I want to be building FOLLOWERS?!”

You follow others because as a result the ones you follow almost always follow you back and there friends or people following them tend to follow you as well. I’ve found the ratio of people that I follow to the amount that follow me back is anywhere from 75-115%. This is the way to add followers quickly. TweetAdder makes it so your not doing it manually for hours. It is worth the money!

Here is why it pays to be reading my blog. I was able to find a code that gives you 20% off when you check out which brought my total down to only $44. Here is the code: TWDISC If this doesn’t work try: imcashsaver1.

If your serious about building your business Twitter is an excellent and free means of doing it and TweetAdder will make it time-feasible.

Hope you enjoy this info and please feel free to comment.

Jesse Lee